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Most non-profit organizers know you have to be careful with the checkbook. There usually isn't a lot of money to spare, even when you need it. That makes everything, from your computers to your paper clips, of critical value to you. You can't afford to lose items. READ MORE >>

It's a sad fact, but sexual harassment and assault can happen anywhere, at any time, including in churches. Even sacred places might find themselves facing misconduct allegations, including sexual impropriety. Faith organizations should do everything they can to prevent such dilemmas. READ MORE >>

Could your company soon begin using driverless trucks? These vehicles operate in such a manner as not to rely on a human to move them. Their ultimate, long-term goal is to require no human to be present to move material. Imagine how this might change the way you do business. READ MORE >>

Hunger remains a potent problem for many Americans. Forty-one million Americans suffer from hunger. Therefore, food insecurity is a problem that many Americans want to do something about. Fortunately, a variety of nonprofits exist - such a like food pantries, meal services and shelters. READ MORE >>

Your church needs to be a safe environment for all who enter it. It's easy to understand why. Your parishioners expect to feel comforted and protected on the property. However, no property, not even a church, is completely safe for visitors. Everyone has a chance of sustaining injuries or other losses while on the property. READ MORE >>

When a catastrophe happens, having a comprehensive business insurance plan can mean everything. If a fire breaks out in your store, storm damage destroys your office, or you otherwise cannot operate your business, the right policy can help you get back to work. A key component of business coverage is business interruption insurance. READ MORE >>

Non-profits often make heavy use of volunteer labor. Volunteers can provide valuable services. However, they also pose a degree of danger to the operation. Volunteers often function as unpaid employees. Should they make mistakes, those indiscretions could cause problems for others. READ MORE >>

Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone impacted by the recent and horrific shootings across the country. It’s a terrible reminder that bad things can happen at good places. We’ve received calls from several of our clients asking how they can better prepare for and protect their members, their church and themselves against these violent acts. READ MORE >>

Your church provides valuable spiritual and social services, in a non-profit capacity. Should something happen to the church, it might interfere with its mission. The church might not have the money to recover following a devastating incident, such as a fire. The right church insurance coverage is critical for moments like these. READ MORE >>

You've probably heard about violence in churches way too often in the news. Unfortunately, this is a part of real life in today's times. What can we do to be prepared? A church is often viewed as a safe haven. Not only by the congregation members, staff and volunteers, but also by the community it's a part of. READ MORE >>

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