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Business owners policies, or BOPs, contain several critical elements of business insurance. Among these you will likely find business interruption insurance. It is among the most important elements of protection a business needs. If you don't fully understand this coverage, you might not be able to use it to your advantage. READ MORE >>

Non-profits need property insurance. Their tight budgets often make it more difficult to pay for property damage without coverage. However, even with protection, you'll likely have to pay some of these costs yourself. Usually, this includes paying your deductible. It's an important part of most property policies. READ MORE >>

Summer fun includes water with swimming pools, lakes and streams — the favorite way to stay cool and have fun all at the same time. We usually think a drowning will not happen to us, but we have all heard of or experienced someone or some family that has been affected by this tragedy. READ MORE >>

One thing I have learned in the insurance business is that all buildings have a life span. All facets of the building need maintenance at some point in time. Planning on maintenance is not always thought of in ministry. It's easy to overlook property maintenance for a number of reasons, including busy schedules and tight budgets. READ MORE >>

When you are not medically trained and someone has symptoms that can either be easily treated using common sense or need to be treated by medical personnel is hard to determine. When you’re not used to being out in the sun or hot weather our bodies can become overwhelmed by heat. READ MORE >>

Eating meals together is a natural way to connect with people. Everyone has to eat. So, why not use the time to connect with others. It seems so innocent, but harm can come when planning and common sense is not used. According to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA), 16,000 people on average are sent to the emergency room each year from grill-related injuries. READ MORE >>

Most churches keep open-door policies. This means it is sometimes hard to police who comes in and out of the property. The threat of theft, vandalism or property damage might increase in certain cases. You don't want to keep the doors locked to prevent these issues. A closed-door policy is against your mission. READ MORE >>

Ministry now includes technology and the many different ways it can be used to reach people. When church events are planned and need to be advertised social media can be the easiest and least expensive way to get the word out. Social media is a powerful marketing tool. READ MORE >>

We take fun in the sun as an innocent time for activities for ministry and a good time. We tend not to realize that some people don't have a good habit of drinking water and staying cool as they want to get all of the fun or work in that they can. READ MORE >>

California requires most businesses, including churches, to have workers compensation insurance. Churches are still employers that must see to the welfare of their workers. As such, workers compensation coverage makes up an important part of your benefits package. READ MORE >>

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